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B&B started trading in 1996, after its 2 founders Luigi Bianchi and Daniele Beccari decided to pool together their many years of experience. From the outset, the aim of the two founders was to establish a company focusing on the quality of its products. To start with, their activity was centred on THERMOHYDRAULICS, a sector that, with the advent of new technologies, was beginning to take off. Following careful market research, B&B decided to target the field of METAL POLISHING. At the time, the working methods were mainly manual; B&B realised that, with the technology that they had at their disposal, they would not have been able to meet customer need, therefore decided to start using numerical control machines so that the quality standards, which up until then had been relatively low, completely changed. This led to the expansion of the company’s operative site and an increase in the number of personnel. In particular, the company hired two expert computer programmers who proved necessary for the creation and start-up of personalised machineries for metal finishing. Always keeping up-to-date and thanks to the support of its staff, B&B embarked on another ambitious project: the creation of a control system named SHEET CONTROL, including 3 GSM devices CLIMA CONTROL, HOME CONTROL, SYSTEM CONTROL. Originally created for heating and air-conditioning systems, these devices are more than just a mere programmable chrono-thermostat or a simple solar junction box, in fact, simply by sending an sms or if linked directly to a PC, they are able to manage complete alarm systems, solar panel systems as well as the opening and closing of automatic gates and armoured security doors. SHEET CONTROL can be defined as a real remote control system.

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